Max Guernsey, III
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Max Guernsey, III

My Profession

I am presently a Managing Member at Hexagon Software LLC and that is keeping me very busy so this page will probably evolve slowly.  Right now, I'm focused on changing how the industry builds its databases.  To that end, I've built DataClass™, started consulting and training on the subject, published the Rethinking Agility in Databases series of articles, and written Transition Testing: Cornerstone of Database Agility. Transition Testing is an e-book currently available through InformIT and Safari Books Online.

I also recently authored Test-Driven Database Development: Unlocking Agility.

I'm working with Net Objectives, Inc. to push database agility to the next level. Through them, I teach a course on agile database development inventively named " The Database Agility Online Training." This course focuses on the critical technical skills required to allow a database's design to change frequently, safely, and painlessly. While the public courses are run online, private sessions are available onsite.

My Utilities

Sometimes I write software for my business, Hexagon Software LLC, that doesn't quite fit into its product portfolio. I market these independently on behalf of the company. Examples of the kinds of tools I market independently are my game utilities.

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