Max Guernsey, III
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Casual Gaming


We like to play online, casual games during breaks at work, so those that can be easily played for short periods of time are ideal. We have decided to host a few of the games that we like on this site so we, and other people like us, can conveniently access these great games in one place.

Game Utilities

Sometimes we get bored with games after a while or just don’t enjoy them as their developers intended them to be played, so we have started offering a line of free game utilities that can enhance the fun of games regardless of whether we are making them easier, harder, or just changing the nature of the problem. If you are interested in finding out more about them, check out the descriptions of our game utilities.


We have dozens of videos which generally fulfill one of two purposes: to illustrate how to use one of our game utilities or to show how we were able to pass a level of a game. Our videos page has the links.

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