Max Guernsey, III
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Video Game Utilities

Below are the game utilities we have created and currently offer on this site free of charge. These are meant to enhance your personal enjoyment of games and are not to be used in competition without others’ knowledge and approval.

If you are interested in staying up to date, we offer a game utilities newsletter that will notify you of new products and features as they become available.


GuideWire is a two-dimensional "laser-sight" that helps you estimate the trajectory of an in-game projectile before launching it. This works well with many bubble shooting games and can sometimes be used with other types of games such as mini golf and pool/billiards.


If your problem is that games are too easy, then Inebriator is the tool for you. Inebriator makes skill games more difficult by giving you less control over your mouse. There are countless games with which Inebriator is compatible.

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