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Laser Targeting Aid for Players of Two-Dimensional Games

Why Use It?

First of all, GuideWire is completely free. GuideWire increases your accuracy in many games that involve objects reflecting off of walls. I use it to convert skill games - which frustrate me - into puzzle games - which I love.

What is It?

GuideWire is a program that sits on top of any game and adds a laser-sight. The laser can be configured to bounce one or more times. It offers you maximum accuracy while not interfering with game play in any way.

Simple to Use

Click Launch Now! to start using GuideWire immediately. If you have trouble using it, you might try watching the tutorial video, referring to the frequently asked questions, or checking out the easy start setup page.

GuideWire has a simple interface: Drag the frame to move around. Drag the bottom-right corner to resize. This simple and familiar interaction allows you to align the laser targeting space with the game surface. Drag the translucent, red "source" ring to wherever you want the origin of the laser to be. The color and opacity of the frame and source ring can be adjusted as needed to assist with placement and use.

Once the overlay is in place, just begin playing your game as you normally would. GuideWire will automatically calculate and draw a configurable "laser guide" indicating the path an object will travel assuming straight flight and normal bouncing behavior.

Best of all: GuideWire doesn't interfere with game play at all. All of its parts are transparent, to allow for easy alignment. By definition, the frame defining the laser-targeting boundaries sits just outside the playing surface. And the laser side vanishes in the vicinity of the mouse, allowing all of your interactions to pass through to the underlying application.

Easy to Configure

GuideWire is easy to configure. The menu at the top allows you to choose any number of bounces from 0 (a straight line) to 8 (more than you are likely to ever need). You can also change the thickness of the laser beam. You can even configure its bounce behavior, having it reflect off of walls as a beam or a spherical object.

The direction of the laser can be reversed for games where you aim by placing the mouse behind an object to define its trajectory rather than in front of it. This comes in handy with pool and golf games.

The simple drag-and-drop interface lets you quickly and easily set GuideWire up to work with almost any game.

Once it's set up and you've started playing your game, you can practically forget about GuideWire - it looks like it's part of whatever game you are playing.

Highly Compatible

I've used GuideWire on many games with a lot of success. Basically, GuideWire will work with most games that involve an object flying in a straight line and bouncing off of walls.

Click here to see the list of games we've tested with GuideWire.

Click here to launch the free application.

NOTE: I wrote this for Hexagon Software LLC but it did not fit in with the other products so I agreed to market and distribute GuideWire on my own. Nevertheless, it is a Hexagon Software product.

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