Max Guernsey, III
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Easy Start Step-by-Step Game Setup Instructions

Following is an easy way to set up GuideWire that works with many of the games with which GuideWire is compatible. If you are unclear about how to perform any of these steps, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or tutorial video.

Step 1: Open GuideWire. (more info)

Step 2: Align the GuideWire frame with the playing surface, so the inner borders of GuideWire match up exactly with the inner surfaces of the game-playing frame. (more info)

Step 3: Center the source ring where you want the laser to originate. (more info)

Step 4: Set the width of the laser beam to most closely match the diameter of projectiles in the game. (more info)

Step 5: Set “Bounce At” to “Edge.” (more info)

Start Playing!

NOTE: You can change the opacity of the frame and source ring along the way to assist with placement and use of GuideWire. (more info)

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