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Aiming Handicap for Players of Skill Games

What is it and why use it?

Inebriator is a free tool for players that want to make skill games more challenging. It increases the difficulty of games by messing around with the mouse and making it difficult to aim as a result.

Simple to Use

Click Launch Now! to start using Inebriator. There is a tutorial video and a frequently asked questions page, but it honestly doesn’t take much time to figure it out.

Inebriator requires no setup and does not interfere with the mechanics of the game you are playing. All you do is open the utility, choose how much of a challenge you want, and start playing. The four options under the BAL menu increase in difficulty going down. Depending upon the amount of difficulty you select, your mouse will vibrate anywhere from just a bit up to an amount rigorous enough to make it extremely difficult to aim or do anything else properly.

You can move the Inebriator window anywhere on your screen to make game play easier. If you want your mouse to stop shaking just minimize or close Inebriator.

Highly Compatible

Inebriator can be used on countless games - just about anything requiring you to aim with your mouse. We’ve posted a couple of videos showing it in use, but you might have fun experimenting with it on other games as well.

Get ready for a challenge!

Click here to launch the free application.

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