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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Is this cheating?

No. When you use Inebriator, you agree to use it for its intended purpose, which is to enhance solo game-play or multi-player game play only when all players are aware of its use. If all parties consent, Inebriator can be a great way to set up a handicap for players of superior skill in competition. This handicap should never be used to deceive anyone and you agree to this requirement when you use this product.

Do you charge to use Inebriator?

No. Inebriator can be used completely free of charge.

Do I have to register to use Inebriator?

No. Just install the program and use.

How can I keep up on Inebriator-related information?

While we do not collect any personal information against your will, you are free to subscribe for our email newsletter. This will allow you to receive periodic updates on new features, events, and offers related to Inebriator.

Will you install adware or spyware onto my computer?

Absolutely not. While Inebriator is supported by ads, much like many common web games, we do not install any third party, passive, or otherwise intrusive advertisement software onto your computer. The only time Inebriator will serve ads is when it is running. We are also spyware free.

Installing and Opening Inebriator

How do I install Inebriator?

Go to and click on the red “Launch Now!” link. The installation process is quick and easy on most computers. If you don’t have .NET 2.0 or higher, you may need to upgrade certain components installed on your system.

Is Inebriator compatible with Mac computers?

At this time, we do not support the use of Inebriator on a Mac. It may be possible with Mono but we have not had a chance to come up with a formal, supported solution. Contact us if you have figured out how to get Inebriator working on a Mac.

Can I access Inebriator offline?

Yes. After you install Inebriator the first time, you have the option to access it from your computer’s start menu without being online. In the program listings of your start menu, click on “Inebriator” in the “Hexagon Software LLC” folder.

Application Updates

Will you be offering software updates?

Yes. We are constantly improving our game utilities. You are always welcome to contact us with comments or suggestions.

How do I install updates?

You don’t need to go out of your way to install updates. Each time you open Inebriator after an update has been made available, you will be asked if you want to install the latest version.

What if I skip an update?

The update behavior is a function of Microsoft’s .NET components installed on your computer so the behavior may vary from context to context. Generally:

  • If you skip an update, GuideWire should wait seven days to ask you if you want to install that same update again.
  • If we publish a new version, GuideWire should ask you if you want to update immediately.
  • You should always be able to force GuideWire to update to the latest version by launching it from our website.

Using and Closing Inebriator

How do I use Inebriator?

It’s simple: Just click on the “BAL” menu and select one of the four difficulty levels. They get harder as you move down the list. You can change the amount of vibration at any time by going back to the “BAL” menu and choosing a different option.

How do I stop my mouse from shaking while the application is open?

If you don’t want to close Inebriator, just minimize the application to stop your mouse from shaking.

How do I minimize the application?

There is a “Minimize” button at the top of the menu, which will minimize the ad window and stop your mouse from shaking. You can also minimize by clicking on the Hexagon Software logo in the upper, left corner and selecting “Minimize.”

Will Inebriator change the behavior of the game I am playing?

No. The game you are playing will not even be able to detect that you are using Inebriator.

What do I do if the ad window is in my way?

As long as Inebriator is open and not minimized, the ad window will be visible. You can move the ad window anywhere on your screen by clicking on the horizontal bar at the top of the frame (over the words “Hexagon Software’s Inebriator”) and dragging it around. Of course, you can always minimize or close Inebriator to get rid of the ad window.

How do I close Inebriator?

Just click on the Hexagon Software logo in the top, left corner of the ad window and select “Close” or click on the red box with the “X” in the upper, right corner.

What if I still have questions?

If you still have questions that haven’t been answered here, please contact Hexagon Software LLC.

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