Max Guernsey, III
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Bubble Shooting Games

By far the type of game with which we resonate most is the bubble shooting, also known as match 3 or bubble shooter, game. Classic, simple, easy to learn, fun to play, and requiring only a small commitment of time, these games tend to best fit into our busy lifestyles. This is the type of game with which the game utility, GuideWire, works best.

Following is the list of bubble shooting games we have chosen to host at this time:

  • Bubble Spinner - the board spins as a result of each bubble you shoot.
  • Spinning Bubbles - a fast-paced bubble-buster with a spinning play surface, power ups, and all kinds of "quirks" to keep things interesting.
  • Clusterz! - every time you miss, bubbles reproduce.
  • Bubblez! - bubbles can only be destroyed by side effect.
  • Bubble Master - bubbles are continuously introduced in ways that drastically alter the board.

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